Today marks the end of Hamdi Ahmed‘s first internship at NanoComputing Research Lab within the Electrical Engineering at TU/e under the supervision of Prof. Aida Todri-Sanial, as part of the Horizon EU PHASTRAC project. Thank you Hamdi for your contribution to PHASTRAC, we wish you all the best in your future career!

Check out what he did during his internship and the link to a cool explaining video below:
During my internship, I undertook a research project focused on designing a demonstrator to implement a system of coupled oscillators for visualizing phase dynamics. After gaining a solid understanding of the Ising model and coupled oscillatory neural networks (ONNs), I proceeded to design a PCB for a 3×3 coupled oscillator array. One significant challenge is the system’s frequency to enable users to observe the dynamics.

Developing a demonstrator that effectively showcased the dynamics of ONNs and their associated phenomena was essential. These dynamic phases are closely tied to the Ising model, a framework utilized for solving optimization problems and achieving optimal solutions. I executed the project following the V-Model methodology, encompassing five phases: requirements analysis, design, implementation, integration, testing, and validation.

Check out my video to showcase my design and ONN dynamics!