Phase Transition Materials for Energy Efficient Edge Computing
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Project introduction

PHASTRAC is a research project funded by Horizon EU’s research and innovation programme with core subject “Phase Transition Materials for Energy Efficient Edge Computing”. The project with duration of 42 months (1 January 2023 – 30 June 2026) brings together leading European research and academic institutions.

PHASTRAC aims to develop a novel analog-to-information neuromorphic computing paradigm based on oscillatory neural networks (ONNs). We offer a first-of-its-kind and novel analog ONN computing architecture to seamlessly interface with sensors and process their analog data without any analog-to-digital conversion. ONNs are a biologically inspired neuromorphic computing architecture, where neuron oscillatory behavior will be developed by innovative phase change VO2 material coupled with synapses developed by bilayer Mo/HfO2 RRAM devices. PHASTRAC will address the most critical issues, namely 1) novel devices for implementing ONN architecture, 2) novel ONN architecture to allow analog sensor data processing, and 3) processing the data efficiently to take appropriate action. This “sensing-to-action” computing approach based on ONN technology will allow energy efficiency improvements.

TU Eindhoven, Netherlands, leads the consortium of four partners. The project partners are Pazmany Peter Catholic University, Hungary, IBM Research Zurich, and Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), Germany.



Eindhoven University of Technology

TUE is a leading international university of technology specializing in Engineering Science & Technology.


IBM Research – Zurich is the European branch of the IBM Research Division. Scientific and industrial research activities.


The Faculty of Information Technology at Pazmany University (PPKE-ITK) undertakes teaching and research in electronic and computer engineering.


BMW Group is responsible for the research areas Vehicle Technology, Efficient Dynamics and Drivetrain Research